Benzema Beat 3-1 Barca in Elclasico, The Most Difficult Moment For Los Blancos

Madrid celebration goal

Second against first two teams locked at the top of the table on 22 points there is nothing between them domestically but these great clubs have enjoyed or endured rather different weeks and we are now underway. Lewandowski able to turn and lift one over the top to invite Usman dembele to make in roads Dembele’s into the box and has composure. What can he find now need support and has support Lewandowski was arriving and the flag is now raised I was read uh in the air but it does very very well. what he’s doing this is outside of course but it drops into the midfield he possible basically cover the possible run of them Dembele but what is a good movement of Lewandowski.

And good movement here from Mendy who finds Vinicius onto the left deflected and deflected just wide and possessing after this attack from the team from Real Madrid everybody asked Vinicius face the defender Sergio Roberto that’s one of the duels of today’s game. Tony Kross striding forward under pressure from Busquets but kept on going and released the pass Vinicius is true on goal can he open the scoring on the rebound. It is Karim Benzema five matches without a goal but he has picked his time to score an early lead for the champions. Karim Benzema beat Barca in elclasico, it’s Real Madrid one Barcelona no.

You see Sergio Roberto issues but at certain moment he loses him and of course been issues he goes and tries to score then schema following display rebound goes to Benzema and it doesn’t miss but this is one of the weakest points of Barcelona we’ve been talking about uh the full back position for Barcelona to face Vinicius. You said team last season he was Ronaldo who mark him fantastically very well in the well on paper been issues against Sergio Roberto.

It will be a battle won by Vinicius on some states for Raphinha who is up against Mendy into the box and Lewandowski has turned it over from just a yard or two away what a chance there for 1-1 this is Raphinha is a good cross possibly off-site of Lewandowski let’s see but what I mean so normally. He doesn’t miss this this chance is great cross don’t get to the ball far post which is well is not seen for the for the markers of the other teams.

Benzema first goal Madrid beat Barca in Elclasico

The ball flicked on to Vinicius who has options left right and center to a Vini wide Mendy cut back to Valverde. Valverde magnificent they’ve soaked up pressure and they have hit Barcelona hard what a finish from the Uruguayan the champions lead by two this is there’s going to see the battleship position of Vinicius. No I think that Mendy plays him on and then Vinicius decides to go one big one there’s too many players in there and then he decided to go the easy way which is Tchouameni open wide and of course Vince was alone into the foul ball decided to go for Valverde and what a strike. What a strike so this is more or less this group that we expected, so Barcelona beautifully worked.

To the right boot it looked like good it opens up for Benzema they look upside to me let’s see if it’s gonna be, Yeah the moment that the that the pass is it’s made to Benzema of intimizing of sorry position, and Jamie, so much noise in the stadium, Benzema couldn’t hit the whistle. Yeah yeah it’s a clear offside off he went to celebrate to the corner but it’s in it it’s an offside, Santa Martinez confirms that so tune in is the result at the moment what a strike right away wonderful pass by Jordi Alba here is Lewandowski up against Mendy, he’s been brought down the referee, immediately signaled no foul and play continues. And I think that’s not how far along is no get up bro let’s see the replay.

It’s a great movement of course slightly touch of Carvajal possibly not enough. It’s going to the sideline and I have a ward one back by Gavi, and answers gone for goal and hasn’t missed by much well it all happens because Gavi again recovering the ball that’s a fantastic strike from Ansu Fatti. Lewi did well too but what a recovery from Gavi, unintentional by Gavi who is able to recover there and soon taking on Valverde, very well, and so unselfish chance goal Barcelona are back in this game with eight minutes to play Ferrant Torres has scored and Xavi side have hope great recovery again for Gabby and Ansu Fatti takes the ball Along on Valverde company towers later doesn’t want to go down good cross and Ferran we just said that on the right side is is being creating a lot of danger where Lewandowski backflick to Ferran is the finish for ferrant Torres. So now it’s going to be possibly uh difficult moment. For Real Madrid Barcelona were on top in that period of the game and playing better football, so uh well it’s not over yet.

Final score elclasico 2022 Madrid 3-1 Barca

Fatti again Lewandowski, De Jong delivers Sergi Roberto and Ansu Fatti never quite caught the finish. A super chance is wasted he’s a player for Barcelona again dominated the ball looking for the far players they’re coming into the box. Sergio Roberto was the one who tried first and it was blocked by Mandy this time and then Fatti well alone didn’t hit it well and making great progress Rodrygo’s gone down in the box, no penalty says the referee, the challenge was by Eric just call the referee, and the referee song what they’re telling something about the VAR nothing they are taking a look at that penalty I think Erica stepped on yeah he stepped on the uh Rodrygo’s has had a look at the monitor and it is a foul by Eric, which presents Real Madrid with the opportunity to wrap up this Classico.

From the penalty spot a wonderful run by Valverde in the build up that’s very tired there’s any the side position of course he has been checked possibly was online Rodrygo with the Barcelona player and then next is a foul of Eric and score surely that is game set and match for Real Madrid 3-1 up in added time.

They are heading towards all three points in the classical Rodrygo again saving Real Madrid in the most difficult moment for Los Blancos in the game team but people wait for Barcelona. Real Madrid have done it they have won the Classico by three goals to one and Rodrygo hit the goals Barcelona tried to fight back and scored through ferrant Torres late on but Madrid led by the masterful player of the match 50 Valverde took control of this match early and never really let go.

Luka Modric:

“We (Real Madrid) knew there would be moments in the game where we had to suffer, because they controlled the ball well. Every individual has to give more, persevere strongly and suffer, and we do. We were very effective up front and managed to score three goals. We showed a really good game. What can I say to the public? Again gave thanks for the love. That’s the best thing that can happen to a player,”