Man City 5-0 Copenhagen | UEFA Champions League

Man City 5-0 Copenhagen

Foreign on the Derby Day demolition Champions League points up for grabs and Harland looking for more different tooth Sunday in many ways as well no difference first touch of the game and Harland’s On target again Copenhagen looking for an offside.
I don’t think there was one and he’s on for another hat-trick he’s gonna rack up the match balls at cities Etihad Stadium that is a fact grealish he’s looked Lively all night.
Sergio Gomez tattoo deflection and I think that’s an old goal Sergio Gomez is Sean I don’t think was on target yet it’s off kosher lava another short corner so much variety on the corners gone down penalty foul by Stamenich
Easy as that his first goal of the season and what a way to celebrate his 200th appearance for the club Greelish again he’s been outstanding tonight keeps on going draws in the tackles on he goes tomorrow is in and tucked in by Alvarez for his first ever Champions League goal and there’s a goal.
And an assist for the 200-man mahrez and City have five another ruthless night from the blues a couple of goals for the gold machine three points for the loops