UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw and Tickets

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw

Dates and Times

AC Milan vs Tottenham Hotspur Tickets
San Siro, Milan, Italy
Tuesday, 14 February 2023 21:00
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Paris Saint-Germain vs Bayern Munich Tickets
Parc des Princes, Paris, France
Tuesday, 14 February 2023 21:00
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Liverpool vs Real Madrid Tickets
Anfield Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 21 February 2023 20:00
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Inter Milan vs Porto Tickets
San Siro, Milan, Italy
Wednesday, 22 February 2023 21:00
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Chelsea v Borussia Dortmund Tickets
Stamford Bridge, London, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 7 March 2023 20:00
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Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan Tickets
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, United Kingdom
Wednesday, 8 March 2023 20:00
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Manchester City vs RB Leipzig Tickets
Etihad Stadium, Manchester, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 14 March 2023 20:00
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Napoli vs Eintracht Frankfurt Tickets
Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Napoli, Italy
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 21:00
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Real Madrid vs Liverpool Tickets
Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 21:00
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Bruno Fernandes Magic Touch Man United Win Against Spurs, Ronaldo Left Berfore Full Time

Man United Win Against Spurs
Fred celebration goal

Foreign, against Spurs sworn of the great Premier League fixtures with the added crackle of a packed Old Trafford. Under the lights this is the Brazilian Anthony mixed space goes for goal curler just wide. Malacia wasn’t getting anywhere close to it either his Threat all to correct through ball Rashford that’s a magnificent save from Hugo Lloris.

Dalot little step over stand for ball at nicely to shore now that is a good save Shaw could not have struck this much better and Lloris to the rescue again it’s a really really good move again. United looking to work the opening here sure pulls it back and it’s a great strike just wide it really was a terrific hit from Casemiro who blasted. That it’s a terrific strike deserve better played Martinez. Now United looking so dangerous across to this left-hand side Sancho faulted back towards friends.

Ronaldo gone before games end

Manchester United lead and deservedly so it’s Fred who finds the net and it’s the perfect start to the second half United one Tottenham no. Anthony slips it through towards Fernandes, Rashford, Fernandes…The crucial second a magic touch from Bruno Fernandes just couldn’t find the pass but he’s fighting furiously to win it back, that’s summed him up tonight now here’s Rashford, Rashford Cuts in Rashford oh what an amazing save amazing save from Lloris.

Who has prevented this from being an absolute right tonight arguably United’s best performance of his season arguably United’s best performance under Eric Ten Hag they’ve beaten a very good Tottenham side and they’ve dominated them tonight Manchester United two Tottenham Hotspur no.

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte says Cristiano Ronaldo solved the situation alone against his side last season after a hat-trick at Old Trafford.

“We lost against Ronaldo, not against Man United”

Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool Classic Games Divert

Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool
Arsenal 3-2 Liverpool

That’s Saka, and Odegaard, and there is a runner through on goal…
Arsenal in front, it’s Gabriel Martinelli.

Diogo Jota – oh, that’s come off the hand of Gabriel.
Was it in an unusual position?
Maybe the short distance the ball travelled…
Not the best defending by Gabriel, and the ball for Nunez!

Darwin Nunez seizes on a moment of indecision in the Arsenal defence, their first one, and he is there to finish. It’s a big moment for him, it’s a big moment for Liverpool.
This could be trouble for Liverpool, it’s three against three.

Odegaard arriving now to make it four,brilliant bit of skill by Martinelli…
And the dummy for Saka.
Well, Liverpool are appealing for offside but the flag hasn’t come, and Bukayo Saka, just before half-time…

Oh, Firmino, brilliant ball, Firmino’s shot…
Goal for Liverpool! Classic, worked their way through Arsenal,and Roberto Firmino just can’t stop scoring right now -he’s done it against Arsenal again. Roberto firmino keeps up that excellent scoring rate against the gunners this is sixth Premier League goal of the season.

Defending for their lives here, Liverpool. Well, they have kept them out, but now there’s appeals for a penalty. Which is given. It’s a soft one. Liverpool need Alisson again here, so often the saviour.
Not this time though. Saka spot-on from the spot for Arsenal. Super penalty, Alison no chance the rig comes off the Emirates once more what a match Arsenal three Liverpool two.

Jurgen Klopp talks after Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat at Arsenal

Jurgen Klopp talks after Liverpool's 3-2 defeat at Arsenal
Jurgen Klopp talks after Liverpool’s 2-3 defeat Arsenal

Disappointed yes very disappointed I think around all three goals we made decisive mistakes like the first goal of course definitely too early in our situation, it’s obviously not what you need to get a foot in the game. I understand it a little bit because it’s a situation where we we pass the ball forward lose it and have a chance to win it back yoga nearly blocks the ball if you can block the ball then. I think we go the other way they can’t block the ball ball first place through our lines and there we have to interrupt the game however. I don’t know exactly.

I have to look it back but um because the moment when Odegaard can is free and ball I think it was all the garden passable to Martina so this pass is not to defend anymore that’s just not possible really a bad start but start controlling the game play a really good game against a very aggressive full of confidence Arsenal side, but um we really showed that we are here for a reason Squad equalizer is a wonderful goal great play um an open game could go either way.

I think with advantages for us um more possession more finishes these kind of things um yeah and then we make a a bad decision before half time we’ve got a free kick and it’s a situation where ignore freaky. I’m completely guilty for that as an excuse for my side. I can say I was surprised that if we went up front of that okay what are we doing but then yeah if the boys are convinced then let’s score a goal but we didn’t we conceded one on the other end and that’s now of course not yeah like after the worst possible start now.

We had the worst possible end the first half going half time there we have additional problems um lujo we had to change already before obviously um something with the knee not good we will not we will have a scan and be no more. I have no idea about the extent but on top of that trend on the bed as well and with the ankle twist the ankle not good Trend never in seven years never went off if he could have played on so pain but too much pain slight swelling immediately.

So we left the skin but all the boys so we have to try to obviously cut off the two goals and and build on the good stuff but that means you have to play a football again and that’s what we didn’t do yes Arsenal came out again very aggressive man we man against hendo and and Thiago um but we’re going to flexible enough anymore in the front line so didn’t drop in the right moments didn’t know if I have spaces apart from the goal where we did that obviously particularly well then which caused The Equalizer.

And now it’s a really open game I think with again the slide advantages for us but then the the um the penalty happens and yeah what can I say now about that situation so he he thought immediately it’s a penalty which is interesting but with this decision Mr England had to look at it and thought as well as the penalties of how we know in life if two refs think the same then it’s the truth we have to live with um but if I see the situation back when if if there was contact and I’m not sure there was contact but there might have been soft contact of course but the player goes again on both feet and then down that’s an indication that something might have been made up a bit so but not for the Reps but they thought.

It’s a clear not a handball in the first half when Jota will put the ball on Gabrielle’s arm we cannot change that you know our situation is now obviously a really difficult one but in this in if then if it’s already difficult enough with injuries now on top of that but even if in a game like this these decisions goes go against you yeah it’s kind of typical but it doesn’t help and well now we’ve lost the game um with a lot of good moments again not to forget the team inform played against the team not informed pretty much and we we played some good stuff and could have had got a result here I think a draw would have been a deserved result but now we have to deal with that that’s why we got to be leaving yeah with this kind of circumstances are coming together at the moment.

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