Man City 6-3 Man United, Haaland Again!

Haaland again mcfc
Haaland Again

It may be the 188th time and no matter what the situation there is nothing quite like at Manchester Derby blue against red families divided a city disunited on this very special day. Now Greelish up against Dalot is coming towards him on it goes now to Bernardo Silva the cross is a beauty arrives silver oh greelish can’t get to the rebound goodness me anything but a goal for City and somehow United escaped Andy Morrison that was telling what a start who let a great little run in behind that that channel I think probably de bruyne will be the most disappointed but United all at Sea on that first attack.

On his right side on his left foot though plays it in field to Grealish, Grealish back to Gundugan, Gundo and White Cancelo City really are clicking through the gears here the cross comes in from another photo it terrific play from Manchester City but so so poor from United and I’ve heard so much talk about how much better United have been the last few weeks I’ve not seen any evidence of it so far, Greelish now up against Dalot on a yellow card forces him away from goal Greelish comes in field Harlem with a 1-2 not a foul right on the, very very Central this is perfect for a free kick these are ones you practice on the training ground Gundogan hits it post everyone was expecting de bruyne.

I think de gea was as well he couldn’t get anywhere near it but it hit the post oh when you see the keeper absolutely statue you know it’s close Haaland on to Foden, Foden racing forward darting infield keeps on going tries a shot it’s blocked it reaches grealish greelish in the penalty area greelish behind the block by Alessandro Martinez garage down Walker keeps it on towards grealish grealish he likes to have a man down Michael Oliver says play on and now City are playing on Bernardo Silva hits a shot and now it comes to a United play who doesn’t hit it out of play and to Broiler hits a shot and gets tipped over the bar by dehaya the city’s Corner comes in the game inevitably goes into the net the gold machine is clicking again we spoke earlier on about the mismatch on set plays.

I felt they were vulnerable United honor relay to get the information on about who’s going to attack the ball to no fantastic goal greelish now charging forward heating up the Etihad Stadium pitch on he goes to De bruyne City Half Men over here de bruyne Haaland ER assist it’s becoming a cliche but it’s a cliche I do not mind repeating over agree United now United are coming forward now with rashford rashford in the left wing position plays it onto Ericsson Erickson’s ball is a good one good dummy by Bruno Fernandez shot by Anthony is blocked and now de bruyne are on the counter attack gets away from Ericsson keeps on going to Bruyne into the gap for Harland Harland now up against Lindelof plays it in oh it brilliant from City a wonderful wonderful character attacks and Phil foden gets his second of the game it’s for nil City drop your eyes City fans.

It is a day that we will not ever forget and you have a City farm with a brace and you have another city pan with a breeze it couldn’t get any better Ali it’s absolutely magical here at the Etihad and there’s a very very unhappy uh Mr Ferguson Sir Alex Ferguson in picture foreign just want to try and win this second half if nothing else try and at least get some respectability in the scoreline long ball out towards Anton took the ball down well Anthony comes in field hits a shot oh what a goal what a goal Alice 25 meters right from goal and Edison couldn’t get near it it’s a brilliant gun Guardian that is not very pleased he’s a perfectionist and he’ll be upset that City gave United a sniff of a goal now Sergio Gomez lovely ball picks out Bernardo Silva into the get for Harlan Harlan hits it good save was it or is it just into the side netting it’s into the side netting so he was close by that didn’t touch it and it’s a gold kick it’s a great little reverse ball from Gomez in between the lines and de bruyne now skips forward and on to grealish Dano in front of him Gomez on his overlap goes inside to De bruyne now outside to Gomez inside.

It’s the first time they’ve scored five in a derby at the Etihad Stadium it might not be the end of the scoring today and a quite wonderful wonderful day he’s now scored a hat-trick in three Premier League home games in a row against Crystal Palace against Nottingham Forest no player has scored a hat-trick in three consecutive primary Cup games before well they have now foreign. We’re just trying to see if there was a way they could rule the goal out they’ve tried their best they’ve not found a way it is 5-1 we have the reappearance of the Posner it is breaking out all over the part of course from the section where the United fans are gathered it is literally every single City found on all three tiers brilliant the midpoint in the second half.

I’m going to need an abacus soon 5-1 and now City are on the counter attack the de bruyne to Growing Up faced by Fred gets the better of him plays it off to grealish grealish comes forward Harland is in a little bit of space foden is as well Harland has it now turns keeps on going Harland on to foden, Photos and that has never happened before in a Manchester Derby well VAR are checking it and even just at the moment it’s 6-1 we’re all holding our breath the linesman’s got a perfect view so you wouldn’t think that he would see to carry on checking for a ball out of play goodness me they’re looking for any way of canceling this goal City six United one they’ve now scored six for the first time ever in their history in a home Derby now the United are inside the penalty area could say by Edison and United have made it 6-2 turned in by martial who doesn’t know quite what to do he picks the ball out the net as if United are going to make some kind of comeback Edison will be really upset that he’s conceded twice today that uh I guess you can forgive a team for losing their intensity.

Bruno Fernandez tackled City win it back do they oh Pendleton Michael Olive has pointed to the spot and United have got a penalty in the 90th minute for a foul by a kanji, Martial scores manager there was no no pressure on him and it’s uh City three a city six United three now United have scored three goals but well to be honest Andy Morrison the game was won a hard time it was four nil managed again correctly in the second half too open for me but big smile spoken Harland hat-tricks what more can we ask for on the Derby Day absolutely incredible day two Derby Day hat-tricks the argument now is who’s gonna get the match ball it’s a nice problem to have City six United three.

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