Cristiano Ronaldo 700 Goals Club Career and Fantastic Save David de Gea

Cristiano Ronaldo moment goal

Factory return trip of over 4 200 miles in midweek a little closer here tonight for Manchester United this is a different type of Derby and United need to use it to vanquish the ghosts of last weekend. Casemiro had his pocket picked Onanna dangerousness for Manchester United it will be arriving passed over here Alex Iwobi arriving on a hot water form.

As Fernandez looks to go ahead of Martial here and Anthony is through for the Equalizer Anthony does it again three Premier League appearances. Three Premier League goals the first Manchester United player to score in his first three appearances in the competition having United a level of Goodison.

Fantastic save David de Gea

Rashford short goes wide rashford finds Casemiro got to score Casemiro coming in and beats the turf at goodness and in frustration a miss and then does what Casemiro does he’s got Ronaldo racing through Ronaldo. There it is goal number 700 of his club career and there it is again another Manchester United turn around.

Cr7 celebration with Anthony

Rashford hurdles the challenge, he’s in here Marcus Rashford can he finish the job. Yes he can, the goal has been disallowed don’t understand how that can be giving Ambala really though back in. All the way past or here who may have clawed it away to keep Manchester United.

Ahead well it’s a fantastic save from David de Gea all right Thomas, underneath it flip further on again volley back in by Garner and there is the final whistle Manchester United see it through by the skin of their teeth the final score at Goodison Park Everton (1) Manchester United (2).

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