Milan-Juventus 2-0, Awesome Acceleration Tomori Scores in Milan

Milan Goal

A classic in this area calendar Milan against Juventus the 175th Top Flight meeting between these two giants the Champions against the old Pioli against Allegri.

Went well by look at here Leao this is Vlavic options away to his left and right this is Cuadrado now decided to go himself might have looked for a teammate tatulushan who had it covered Cuatrado nice disguise and from Vlahovich this is Milic.

Easy save for tattoo nice dummy clever swivel not enough power in it. Danilo and still Danilo did open up for the Brazilian there couldn’t hit the target Tonali’s corner on by Kalulu and that’s turned colwoods by Rafael really nice idea and it was very nearly executed to perfection. It caught the post from the MVP Taylor and is finding Rafaeli out still Raphael.

Vlahovich in the way Milan wants a penalty he took a chance there to the Juventus number nine this is Rafael allowed to turn Chase they was beaten the woodwork once again to Juventus’s rescue Rafaeleao has hit both posts this evening really nice effort that.

Hernandez with the corner Giroud so against Juventus two goals in Seria both against the Bianconeri and Milan half the lead heading in at the interval sharp shooting for the Englishman flavic that’s careless straight to Brahim Diaz he’s away from Bonuchi. He’s away from Milic Brahim Diaz what a girl from the Spaniard me loudly two nil and it was all his own work got a solo foray up the pitch acceleration away from puruchee the pace to get away from Milic and then he had the composure to slow things down and fire it past long way back now for the Bianca. It’s a clever run from Tomori he’s got there ahead of change there it’s still again Hernandez went for Cole himself perhaps the wrong option sent in by Danilo Milic head straight at Saturn.

Keen families Kean again what challenge then is from Pierre Kalulu the adventures are in there but for This brilliant block from the Frenchman. Greenwich releasing Origi’s too quick for Bonucci TiVo Origi for number three chain Smith stayed big and made the save Origi’s so close to his first Milan a big win for the Champions 2-0 no victors against Juventus.

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