Salah vs Ranger Fastest Champions League 2022 Hattrick as a Substitute

Fastest Champions League 2022 Hattrick as a Substitute

And this is a chance for Arfield – who scores. Rangers find a way through. And the header’s in, it’s Roberto Firmino. Beautifully done by Liverpool, Firmino can’t stop scoring at the moment. Liverpool, very quickly, are level. And Gomez…

Firmino! Class.
Joe Gomez the provider and Roberto Firmino the finisher again. On here for Firmino, and Nunez…
Lovely Liverpool goal, they ease themselves clear in this game.

Moh Salah Champions League 2022 Hattrick as a Substitute

That’s going to richochet towards Salah, who’s taken the ball down…and stabbed it home. It’s four now for Liverpool, and Mohamed Salah made that look extraordinarily changes. Diogo Jota, immaculate touch by Salah, and the finish is even better. What an introduction for Mohamed Salah, who has gone back to making football look ridiculously easy. Salah’s off again.Oh, it’s absolutely incredible. This is Salah old school rediculous goals, a work of art hoping. This means that Salah is back as he is the only one who can disturb that Haland unpredictable shine.

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool celabrates his hat-trick goal the UEFA Champions League October 12, 2022

It’s the speediest of Champions League hat-tricks for Mohamed Salah. Thiago, Salah. He’s teed that up, Jota doesn’t score. Harvey Elliott does but it’s not going to count. Hmm, I’ve got a feeling Harvey Elliott’s got himself a goal here, you know. Ready for the smile? Harvey Elliott is a goalscorer in the Champions League.

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